My name is Phil

Phil | 17 | Baltimore, MD | That's just general information. I have no idea who I am.

What the fuck does it even feel like to be in a relationship I totally forgot

So used to being alone, so used to not feeling anything, it’s just second nature at this point


Basement at Rad Bar, Wollongong. 28/7/14

Gosh I can’t wait to see Basement.

Basement. (x)

Hallstatt, Austria. Photographer: Béla Török


“Jet” by Basement from the 7”/Digital EP “Further Sky” 

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coffeeeyesbonyknees: Yea I love knuckle puck! And they are a very good favorite, I saw them at a show last December and walked out and said "wow they are officially my favorite" haha

Haha that’s awesome! I missed seeing them back in like April with The Wonder Years and I was so heartbroken that I promised myself I’d see them at Warped. So I did and it was probably one of my favorite performances I’ve ever seen haha

coffeeeyesbonyknees: Absolutely love it! It hadn't dropped yet when I went to warped but I preordered it :-). You have any favorite tracks?

I do! I think the closing track is my favorite. I think the album has some of Kyle’s best lyrics. But I also love loose ends. Do you??


Yutha Yamanaka